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Terms and Conditions

Agreement between the client and

Dear clients, we welcome you to our Terms and Conditions page.

Please read the page carefully as it regulates the relationship between you and Dallas Travel and Tourism. is a booking engine owned by Dallas Travel and Tourism, located in Amman - Jordan which referred hereafter as the website.

We apply the conditions outlined below when you book your accommodation or flight tickets or any other service that’s available on the website whether it's one service or multiple services.

Website Terms and Conditions

To use this website, you must be at least 18 years of age and you possess the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation.

You must have full legal responsibility to enter this agreement and use this website according to the terms and conditions outlined in the list below. You also agree that you bear the full responsibility legally and financially when you use the website (as well as when your account is used by other parties including the minors in your household without limitations).

You agree to supervising and bearing the full responsibility of all the users, including minors, of the website who use it under your name or account. You also assure and guarantee that all of the information provided by you or one of your family members whilst using the website are correct, accurate and complete.

The company is obliged to protect the client’s account data on its part. Noting that the data supervision is entirely the client’s responsibility.This is also applied for any use of your account by you or anyone else

Kindly note the website time uses AM/PM or the 24-hour clock according to your device time settings.

Supplier’s terms and conditions

When you buy any service from the website, additional terms and conditions are added to the list of previous terms and conditions when your booking is confirmed and you’re hereby automatically entered in an agreement with the service that you choose. For example, all the services and cancellation policies that you agree to when you book, you are obligated to adhere to these rules and policies which are dictated by the chosen supplier.

It should be known as well that in some cases where bookings may be rejected by the supplier within hours of the booking time, it’s possible to replace the service with a different service of the same nature, provided that the difference in price should bepaid in case it existed or refunding the money in case of refusing the service.

Booking terms and conditions

You must make sure that all of the passengers' names in the booking are correct and matches the spelling in the passport, and that each name is written in the designated field. In case the name was spelled incorrectly or  different to how it’s written in the passport, the client is then obligated to pay additional fees to amend the name in the case that he requested the amendment. When you complete the payment process, a voucher will be issued documented with the website booking reference number and then the booking is considered valid and confirmed.

Technical issues may occur sometimes resulting in the failed delivery of the voucher while deducting the booking amount, and here the client must get in contact with the call center before he tries to make another booking. In case that happened, the website isn’t responsible for the duplication of the bookings and the client bears the financial responsibility. In case of cancellation, the cancellation policies for this booking are applied.

The website reserves the right to reject any booking. The company could also add fees on the bookings that are made through the call center.

The website reserves the right to cancel any booking in the case that an incorrect price was displayed due to the fact that prices are always updated.This results in an unrealistic value for the reservation. The website also reserves the right to cancel any duplicated unpaid bookings except what the client has been notified of.

For each cancellation the website charges 2% as administration fees, in addition to supplier cancellation fees.

All cancellation requests will incur service fees from website in addition to the supplier penalty.

Travel Documents

The website recommends that all clients should make sure that all the accompanying passengers have valid passports for at least six months and obtained the required entry or transit visas for their transit points or destinations, the required vaccinations and the required insurance documents to enter their destinations. The client should also note that some countries require filling a transit visa form or paying fees to cross or to fly over the skies of the countries en route. The website isn’t responsible for obtaining the visas for the client and the responsibility falls completely on the client’s side prior to the booking and the flight's date. Usually obtaining a visa takes some time and thus, the client should apply for the visa before the traveling date with a sufficient period of time.

Website recommends that all clients should confirm with the destination country’s embassy or consulate that they have a valid passport and obtained the required visas for their destination and transit points. The company won’t be held responsible if you or any of the accompanying passengers didn’t have a valid visa or passport or didn’t get the required vaccinations.

Travelers Details

If the booking details weren’t correct, the website has the right to check the information and cancel the bookings made by the client. The company also reserves the right to take legal action to protect its rights and in this case, additional fees may befall the client to compensate for the financial losses which include legal fees, direct and indirect damages which are caused by booking cancellation orfreezing the client's bank account.

Special prices and promotions

Price quotations and changes in prices are done dynamically; the website price quotes and fixed rates depend on the suppliers whether it's a fixed or a changeable price. If the prices, offers, or rates differed from the advertised rates, the website notifies the clients of any modifications, and the client can either accept the new price or cancel the booking without any additional fees.

Any promotions published don’t apply to bookings that have already been made. The website reserves the right to modify prices for the required service due to currency exchange rates and taxations or any other reason even if that change occurred after booking and paying. The website isn’t responsible in any way or form for any mistakes that might occur due to changes in exchange rates or taxes or increased demand from the supplier. Therefore, the offered prices may be suitable during the period of your search and book. These rates may change before the date of travel or after accommodation according to the implications of the supplier. Some services have the same price but with different policies. These policy changes may cause a change in their prices. All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or changed without notice.

Charter Flights Packages Policy

We recommend you to read all terms below and to make sure that it suits the package selected and agreed to its terms and conditions on the website during the booking, nevertheless the charter tickets are not refundable at all times or cercumstances.

Booking and cancellation terms and conditions listed below for the packages are considered the only authorized reference for dispute between the client and the package organizer.

Travel Insurance Policy.

In accordance with the instructions of the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, in accordance with its resolution No. 2017/1, the insurance against emergency medical accidents and personal accidents is compulsory for passengers for the packages organized through the travel and tourism offices. The coverage is determined by the amount of JD 10,000 which you can purchase from the Dallas offices. If you have an insurance policy covering the above, please disclose it. The website assumes no responsibility for the customer's failure to obtain such insurance.

Group Bookings

The booking engine is limited to 8 rooms for the hotel bookings, 9 seats for the flight bookings or 4 rooms for the charter package bookings, and If you wish to book more than the limited numbers above, you need to contact our call center on 962798722222 to get a special group rates when it is available.

Packages terms and conditions

By Jordanian Ministry of Tourism Regulations mention all details of itinerary in addition to what sightseeing tours, type of meals, entrance fees for touristic and archeological sites and any other services that are included. It shall also highlight any optional sightseeing tours or visits that are not included in the price. request each traveler to read and accept the terms and conditions, related to the booking and cancelation policy. Failing to take this step is deemed a violation of the terms, and fees are to be fully refunded by the in case a traveler files a complaint.

If the number of travelers is less than the minimum required to operate a trip, reserves the right to cancel the trip, provided that travelers are informed 3 days prior to departure in the case of normal trips and 7 days prior to trips during public holidays. shall issue a full refund of the traveler’s payment, including all expenses related to the trip. In case the does not abide by these terms, it shall issue a full refund in addition to an alternative free trip with the same duration of the canceled trip, after consulting with the traveler to choose a convenient time for the latter.

Any delay in the departure of charter flights in Jordan or the destination. All cases of delay shall be dealt with as advised by a special committee, set up to look into these cases.

In cases of delays exceeding two hours for trips by road and three hours for trips by sea (compared to departure time stated in the program), as operator of the trip shall compensate travelers as per the following rates:

10 % of the cost for every hour of delay if the total exceeds 100 JOD

15 % of the cost for every hour of delay if the total ranges between 50 and 100 JOD.

20 % of the cost for every hour of delay if the total is less than 50 JOD.

Nights of accommodation, as stated in the program, are nights that a traveler actually spends at a hotel in the destination. They also include travel duration.

Should a traveler be late to any of the times stated in the itinerary and of which he/she is informed in advance, he/she does not have the right to demand compensation from and bears full responsibility for any consequences. These times are: departure time, return time, optional tours and meals. shall use the means of transportation as agreed upon in the program and shall announce the name of the transportation company for all trips by road, sea or air.

If a traveler is forced to return from any of the border checkpoints in the Kingdom or abroad, cannot be held responsible in any way. Travelers should consult with authorities prior to departure, taking into consideration the following:

Ensuring that passports are valid for at least six months, and that they show names of children traveling with parents in English along with their personal photos (on parents’ passports).

Ensuring that a Jordanian passport has the national number of its holder.

Having necessary permits from authorities in charge to allow travelers to leave the country.

Having approval from the Ministry of Finance (Jordanian Customs Department) for people whose passports are stamped to allow them to bring their cars to Jordan.

Having a clearance statement from the Administration of Foreigners and Borders/Public Security Department for non-Jordanians if necessary.

Ensuring that there is no reason not to be granted a visa before booking.

If a traveler is granted a tourist visa to the destination, it does not necessarily mean that he/she will be allowed to enter the country.

Ensuring that there are no stamps or posters of countries rejected by the destination.

Notwithstanding article 2 of these terms, shall take prior consent of travelers in case of any changes made to the initial itinerary. If the does not get their consent, it shall be held accountable for the violation of terms. Regardless of the reason, if a traveler cancels a booking, he/she shall pay:

a- 25 % of the trip’s fees if he/she cancels 15 days before the departure day.

b- 50 % of the trip’s fees if he/she cancels 10 days before the departure day.

c- 100 % of the trip’s fees if he/she cancels within three days before the departure day.

d- Upon the written consent of, the traveler may transfer his/her booking to another person. shall submit proof to the traveler and the Ministry, showing costs resulting from the cancelation of a booking. If fails to submit this proof, the traveler’s payment shall be fully refunded.

If a hotel is changed in the destination during the trip, shall find another alternative with a higher rating and in the same location. In case this is not possible, shall find a hotel of the same rating, as mentioned in the program and in the same location in the city with similar facilities and privileges. The traveler shall also get a compensation of 25 % of the total amount of a trip, excluding the cost of transportation, and shall be compensated for the difference between the two premises, as approved by the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Triple rooms in most hotels are double rooms with an extra bed (which is usually added to the room). shall assign a tour guide in the destination country to oversee the implementation of the itinerary and provide travelers with information on touristic and archeological sites. The tour guide may also accompany the groups. If fails to do so, the traveler shall be compensated an amount that is equivalent to 10 % of the trip’s cost. cannot be held responsible for any sickness that a traveler suffers from during the trip. Travelers are strongly advised to have their own health insurance policy that covers the duration of the trip as they deem fit. cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of luggage, passports or boarding passes of the traveler.

The traveler reserves the right to file lawsuits demanding compensation in case of any moral or financial damage as a result of incompliance with the announced itinerary.

Announced prices of trips are inclusive of all types of services, and the Company cannot ask for any additional payments under any other category, such as “services, tips, facilitation, etc.”

Names mentioned in the booking form on are names of travelers, who shall abide by the terms of this contract. If travelers assign deputies to approve this contract and pay their dues on their behalf, these deputies are to be held accountable by the travelers and reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time due to natural disasters or political reasons. Travelers are completely free to demand a full refund of their payment or choose another trip with different conditions that they have to agree to

If fails to comply with the pre-approved itinerary, the traveler shall consult with within three days of the return date. If does not respond to his/her request, he/she shall consult with the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to file a written (typed) complaint within two weeks of the return date.

In case has to refund a payment made by a traveler for the purposes of a trip, the amount shall be returned either immediately or within a maximum duration of three days.

Currency Exchange

The shown price on the website is in the Jordanian Dinar. And the following terms and conditions apply on price quotations in the various publicly available resources and these prices are used merely as guides. The prices displayed are estimated and actual value may differ

Hotel Details Setup

What is displayed in is considered a description for the accommodation places, facilities and services provided by the hotel’s supplier, unless it was changed by the hotel. The information will be automatically updated by the hotel’s supplier, and the site will not be held responsible for the information or its updates.

Hotels Category

The hotel category information, such as (stars and services provided by the hotel) is information provided by the suppliers and the hotels. Some hotels are rated according to customers reviews.

Kindly note that the suppliers describe accommodation and facilities and services provided by different terminologies, such as (using "deluxe room" and "double room" to describe rooms with two separate beds) The extra bed provided in triple rooms is usually foldable.

If you were not sure of the description displayed on, please contact travel consultants who will answer your questions satisfactorily.

Sometimes, some of the facilities mentioned in the description will be pulled due to different reasons such as the weather, maintenance or absence of demand.

If the suppliers advised to make important edits on the description, we will notify the client as soon as possible.

Some activities and facilities such as water sports may be unavailable during certain periods of the year and some facilities may require paying a fee for added services, such as: TV, safety boxes, umbrellas, Tennis courts, billiard tables, air conditioning and more.

Some destinations are crowded in high seasons (even at other times) and the client should be prepared for the possibility of noise of some guest group. Kindly take that in consideration when you plan your trip.

The duration of time from the accommodation place to the airport that’s mentioned in is approximate and could vary according to circumstances. It may take longer to reach your chosen accommodation.

General Hotels Policy

Children and babies policy follow the supplier and hotel’s policies and there are some hotels that have its own policy regarding the matter where children's accommodation costs are based on them sharing the parents' room and bed while some hotels provide additional beds and cribs for children upon request and it needs prior confirmation from the hotel and others have restrictions on the number of beds that are allowed in a room. Additional fees may be incurred when requesting an extra bed for childrenwhich must be paid by the client directly to the hotel. The policy changes according to the children’s age which differs according to the hotel, the supplier, and the country.

Check-in and check-out policy follows the supplier and the hotel’s policies noting that any requests that aren’t listed in the policy depend on the hotel’s availability such as early check-in, late check-out, adjacent rooms, higher-floors rooms, non-smoking rooms. All that is done directly through the hotel and the company doesn’t have the right to guarantee to perform those requests.

City tax: some hotels might impose an additional tourism tax for some cities which can be paid to the hotel directly or to the government.This is due to the volatility of state tax policies.

Changing hotels

The supplier may have to cancel your reservation due to the hotel overbooking, technical issues with the system, or being under the government’s control to be used for official delegations or Force Majeure events such as fires. In these cases, will do everything it can with coordination of hotel’s supplier to provide accommodation in a hotel in the same class and location, if it is possible, without additional charges.

Airlines policy

Airlines carry passengers, carriage, and cargo internationally according to the internationals rules and regulations which were put in place by the regulating bodies.

Some airline tickets are not refundable or renewable or reroutable or endorsable to any other airline; under any circumstances; and that is clearly mentioned during the process of booking in the fare rules section.

Cancellation and amending fees depend entirely on the carrier. Some airlines may impose class fees (economy, business and first class) each class differs in its cancellation policy and the fees resulting from the cancellation.

In case the client wasn’t able to be present at the airport in the specified time, he has to contact customer service to confirm the flight status and to be informed of the consequences of not being present on the specific time according to the regulations of airlines.

Please note that in case of baggage loss, the client should communicate with the airport management or the airline directly, as is not responsible for baggage loss.

When you select your seat through, the company isn’t responsible for any modification made by the airline.

We would also like to mention that providing accommodation for transit flights which lasts more than 6-8 hours differs from one airline to the other. The specific terms and conditions are available with the concerned airline, we recommend to contact them.

Changing Airlines

Modifying the flights timetable depends entirely on the terms and conditions outlined by the airline where cancellation of the trip or modifying the trip’s date is concerned. You will be notified in one of the methods of communications outlined in your booking, you’ll also be provided with alternative solutions provided by the carrier or the ability to refund your money in case the airline allowed it.

In case the client didn’t see notification, isn’t held responsible and the client doesn’t have the right to claim any reimbursements.

Special conditions for the suppliers policy

Some suppliers might impose special rules in their policies; which are mentioned in the booking policy. We strongly advise that the client reads these rules before booking.

Hotels Policy

Early check-out: Some hotels might not agree to refund the rest of the amount for the unused nights due to high seasons or high demand. This policy also applies to no-shows; the hotel then decides the imposed fees and then the hotel cancels the booking and deducts a partial amount or the whole amount.

Changing occupants’ names: some hotels don't accept changing occupants’ names while others do 48 hours prior to the booking date (according to the hotel's acceptance and rejection policy) and has no right to violate the hotel's policy.

Amendment policy: In case a booking should be amended, the supplier might request paying fees for amending the booking, the amount of fees differ according to the service. If the client asked to change the room (from single to double) or to change the check-in time and date or any other note, customer service should be contacted. also recommends that when the client extends his stay, a new bill should be issued.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation policy is subject to the rules and restrictions applied by the supplier and it has separate fees imposed by the supplier.

The client should cancel his booking from the website by logging in to his account and requesting to cancel the booking or by calling the call center.

Room upgrade: The clients can upgrade the rooms they selected with and pay the difference in price before a certain period of time determined by the supplier/hotel. The ability to upgrade is subject to the hotel's/the supplier's availability and the company doesn’t guarantee that the upgrade will happen upon arriving in the hotel.

In this case, payment should be made to the hotel directly.

The client doesn’t have the right to claim a refund for non-refundable bookings unless he was under dire circumstances. The refund is subject to the supplier’s/hotel's approval and according to the amount that they're willing to give back.

We would like to notify you that in case the website rejected the amendment or the cancellation, you should call the customer service on +962798722222 to complete the procedure.

Airlines Policy

We would like to notify you that prices and services vary according to the flight class (first, business, economy) you can choose the preferred class from

In case there was a conflict between the carrier’s conditions and conditions, the carrier’s policy applies.

Cancellation Policy

Amendment and cancellation policies are subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier including partial and full refund.

Name change: You can’t change or edit the name after the booking is confirmed, In case you wanted to change the name after the booking is confirmed, you have to make a new booking and If there were any differences in prices or cancelation feesthen the client should pay the difference in price and the fees.

The ticket should not be used in a way other than the sequence of the ticket's itinerary, and if that happened then the rest of the ticket is completely non-refundable. In case the tickets were misused, the client doesn’t have the right to claim a refund.

Partial use of the ticket: If the client used one part of a two way ticket and asked to refund the unused ticket, the refund is subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier.


Refund Policy

When the client asks to refund his money, the company refunds the money after reviewing the supplier’s or the carrier's terms and conditions noting that the refund method is based on the form of payment.

If the payment was made by a credit card, the refund is made in 48 hours on business days and the money goes through the bank in 15 working days. Kindly note that the bank may delay the refunds in which holds no responsibility of any delay.

If refund has not been processed within the above mentioned time, please contact customer care or send email to for inquiries on refunds.

Payment Methods

In the case that the booking was made through the website, the client can pay by (Visa, MasterCard, eFawateercom), also by bank transfer to one of our bank accounts if the booking was made through the call centre or any payment method that would be available on the website later or by visiting one of our branches.

Complaints always seeks the customers’ satisfaction and if the client had any complaint, will spare no effort to solve it in a friendly way that satisfies the client and preserves the rights of both parties.

The client must submit his complaint momentarily to the email, contact the costumer service or leave a message on the website, and will contact the client at once to solve the issue.

The complaint must be submitted by the person who was wronged personally or an authorized agent, providing that the complaint should be attached with the booking reference number and supported by evidence and proof and all the data that concerns the complaint. Otherwise, the complaint will be disregarded. has the right to refuse handling a complaint if it wasn’t supported by proof, and claim financial reimbursement due to insulting the reputation of the company.