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COVID-19 Regulations - Jordan
All bookings do not include PCR test cost

An important notice for travelers heading to Turkey from Jordan.

If you have taken the two doses of the vaccine, and the second dose has passed more than 14 days from the date of travel, and you have a certificate proving that, you can travel without a PCR test, and if you did not take the two doses of the vaccine or 14 days have not passed since the second dose, or you have taken a vaccination (Sputnik V vaccine), you must do a PCR test before travelling.

Important alert for non-Jordanians travelling to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

1. Before coming back to Jordan, you need to register at the following website:

to get QR code, registration is free.

2. Non-Jordanian travelers need to obtain an international travel health insurance that covers infection with the Coronavirus.

3. Travelers are allowed to visit Jordan according to countries classification restrictions. *

Important note:

Before departing Jordan, get a discount from a special lab in Amman to take a PCR test. For more information call our customer support department at +962798722222 - +96265622222.

* Travelers holding one of the restricted countries’ nationalities must register before booking their flight and must wait for the approval before making the payment.