Dallas Travel & Tourism is a private Travel Agency situated in Amman- Jordan and was established in 1996, run by well- reputed professionals with vast experience in the field of tourism and travel.

Dallas Travel & Tourism enjoys good reputation for rendering good services and follow up, our concern is to keep developing our quality of services to reach our aims and goals of serving our valuable customers .

Our policy at Dallas Travel is to  distribute & open branches in Amman & all around, this comes through our Six branches located in Amman… Also we have branches in other countries in Egypt & Turkey.

Two sister companies “EXPRESS HOLIDAYS & TITANIC Travel” are belong to Dallas Travel & managed by the same owner the Chairman of the board Mr. Amjad Maslamany.

Express Holidays & Titanic Travel are non BSP agent, and this came to strengthen the revenue of Dallas Travel & Tourism.

Our BSP revenue indicates that we are one of  the TOP  TEN producers through the  past 5 years according to Royal Jordanian Airlines statistical.

We work constantly without saving any efforts to increase the volume of revenue through special contracts and competitive deals with major airlines, and of course through our daily promotional media campaign on major news papers & Radio Stations “Every Hour”, We pay for this campaign 1.5 Million US$ per year.

Our Annual Sales in the year 2010 was “US$7 Million” according to official statistics & accredited figures from the World Organization of IATA.
We have set plans to intensify our efforts to increase this figure, and we have achieved this goal, as our turnover between the period from January 2011 up till now is 8,350,000.00 Million US Dollars. Our total sales of segments in 2010 was “Fifty  Four Thousand Segments”, much more in this year.

Our  expectation of this year will be over than “Sixty Thousand Segments”.

We have achieved 30 Million US Dollars in the last year 2010 , and our sales this year has been achieved 34 Million US Dollars up to date.

As you know Jordan is very rich with History and Civilization, full with Archeological Sites, Ruins, and Antiquities… Jordan is an open Air Museum with more than 9000 registered Sites. Jordan is the link between Three Continents, the Cradle of the oldest Civilization in the world, and a pivot between East & west. Our policy at Dallas Travel & Tourism is to promote incoming tour services to meet increasing demand all over the world; we have set programs to cover these demands. Our incoming department, which is capable of handling groups and FIT’s from various parts of the world, is always on alert… Experienced Staff is in charge of maintaining full services to your/ our clients.